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galleria del vento2full Ferrari reopens wind tunnel after 18 month refurb

Red Bull, part of the answer could come down to its wind tunnel.

Seriously, the wind tunnel? Yes, the wind tunnel. Aerodynamics play an increasingly vital role in F1 racing, and while Red Bull has one of the best in the business, Ferrari’s hasn’t been running right for some time now.

A year and a half ago Ferrari shut down the galleria del vento at its headquarters in Maranello, citing problems with “correlation” – that is, a major discrepancy between the results it got in the wind tunnel, in CFD computations and on the racetrack. Having narrowed the problem down, the Scuderia embarked upon a major overhaul. It’s been using Toyota’s facility in Cologne, Germany, in the meantime, but as team principal Stefano Domenicali put it, not having your own wind tunnel on premises “is like playing basketball with one hand behind your back.” Now the renovations reportedly complete, however, and Ferrari will begin using its wind tunnel again next month.

With Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull so far in the lead, it may be too late to fix this year’s car to any meaningful effect. But while the design of next year’s car may already be close to finalized, getting the aero up to spec could mean the difference between putting Ferrari back on top or letting it slide even further. And with Comments


cb40629736ontest.jpg Shell Ultimate Automotive Enthusiast contest returns to send winner to Barrett Jackson and Maranello

The first Shell V-Power Ultimate Enthusiast contest was held last year and sent finalists to a VIP experience at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, while the grand prize winner went to Maranello, Italy for some intimate time with Ferrari. The Dutch member of the seven sisters is doing it again this year: from now until September 17 anyone who wants a chance to live the same adventure can submit stories and photos that prove why they’re the ultimate enthusiast.

Among the judging panel will be Roger Penske, Craig Jackson of Barrett-Jackson, drag racer Don Prudhomme, Tony Marini of Hot August Nights, Car and Driver chief Eddie Alterman, Road & Track honcho Larry Webster and last year’s contest winner Harold Craige (pictured above with his wife at Fiorano).

Anyone in the US is welcome to submit. Three finalists will be flown to Scottsdale for a three-day VIP tour of Barrett-Jackson’s January action, and they’ll get a year’s worth of V-Power premium gasoline. The grand prize winner will be announced in Arizona, and that person will get a week in Italy to explore the Ferrari factory complex and drive one of the company cars on the Fiorano track. Having been to the Maranello factory ourselves, we can attest that it’s a bucket-list item for anyone who truly digs cars.

There’s a press release Comments


With the F1 Circus entering the summer break, Pat Fry, the Scuderia Ferrari’s Technical Director, talks about the season so far. With Diego Ioverno, Scuderia Ferrari’s Race Operation Manager, we’re discovering the procedures and secrets regarding the pit stops, followed by the Formula 1 alphabet. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com and Twitter twitter.com Ferrari Since 1947 www.ferrari.com http



yd222 went to Spa-Francorchamps for the Ferrari Corse Clienti 2012! We recorded some nice 599XX Evo’s, 599XX, FXX and some former Ferrari Formula 1 cars. In this video, you can see them going around the track coming from the Bus Stop chicane heading to La Source and then heading to the famous corner Raidillon de l’Eau Rouge. SUBSCRIBE for more exclusive car videos ! – www.youtube.com Like our Facebook page – www.facebook.com More pictues at www.facebook.com !



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Surely the most important of the classic is the 250 series. Over its decade of production, the 250 series gave us some of the most recognizable models of the marque’s history, including the GTO, the Testa Rossa, the Lusso and the original California Spyder.

This year Ferrari is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the series that was built around Giachino Colombo’s enduring 3.0-liter V12. To mark the occasion, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello is displaying two unique and important 250s from its historical archives. One is the 250 GT SWB Berlinetta that Stirling Moss drove to victory at four races in 1961. The second is the so-called Breadvan, which was commissioned by Count Volpi di Musurata and developed by Piero Drogo and Giotto Bizzarrini. It was one of the original shooting brakes and provided the inspiration for the new .

The two are already on display in the museum for any visitor to see, but if your travel plans aren’t sending you to Maranello anytime soon, you can still check them out in the photo gallery above and the press release below.


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1cdc577885riddy1.jpg Ferrari Enzo successor had better look better than this test mule

The arrival of any new Ferrari is bound to be anticipated eagerly by legions of fans around the world, but few more keenly than the successor to the famed Enzo.

Following in a line that dates back to the 288 GTO, through the F40, the F50 and most recently the Enzo, the new top-of-the-line hypercar from Maranello is now well on the road to readiness. We’re told to expect its arrival in less than a year from now at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, but while endless speculation has filled the void until now, we’ve now got our first batch of spy shots showing – to some extent, anyway – what Ferrari is working on.

While the widened 458 test mule in these spy shots is wearing a hideously humorous hodgepodge of sheetmetal and body cladding evidently thrown together in a back room in Maranello (with the lights off), we’re told this is not an actual prototype for the Enzo successor – sure to wear a different name, but referred to internally as project F70 – but rather a rolling test bed for components that will make up the finished product.

That is expected to include an uprated (and backwards-turned) version of Ferrari’s new 6.2-liter V12 from the F12 Berlinetta, producing more power and augmented by a hybrid electric assist. Despite the added hybrid bigs, the F70 is still said to be light in weight, and it will be sent gunning for the Bugatti Veyron with a targeted 0-60 run in under 2.5 seconds and a top speed in excess of 250 mph.

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ee076ab16beneuve.jpg Ferrari and Jacques Villeneuve to commemorate 30 years since Gilles Villeneuves death

History has a way of aggrandizing the fallen, but few drivers have been as dearly missed as Gilles Villeneuve. Renowned for his ability to wrestle blistering lap times – often sideways – out of some of the most difficult cars to handle, the French Canadian driver remains a fan favorite to legions of Formula 1 fans and tifosi the world over.

Tragically, Gilles died in a crash while qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix in 1982. With the thirtieth anniversary of his death coming up, Ferrari is planning a tribute event at its Fiorano test track in Maranello that will reunite the Villeneuve name with the Scuderia to which he gave his life.

On May 8, Gilles’ son Jacques Villeneuve will pilot the Ferrari 312 T4 that his father drove to three victories and four second-place finishes to help Ferrari secure the constructors’ title and his teammate Jody Scheckter the drivers’ title.

It may prove the first time in Jacques’ career that he’ll drive a Ferrari F1 car. A former world champion himself, Jacques had reportedly been offered a seat at Ferrari after winning the title in 1997, but turned it down to pursue the opportunity to build up the British American Racing team that would later be taken over by Honda, win the title as Brawn GP and rebrand itself under the Mercedes banner under which it races today.

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