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%name Ferrari considering return to Le Mans racing in 2015

Rumors are swirling that some interesting projects.”

Ferrari has a history of success in Le Mans racing, though it hasn’t won the big endurance outright since 1965. The image above captures the exact moment when the No. 21 car of Masten Gregory and Jochen Rindt crossed the finish line that year to win the race. That win was the last of six consecutive outright victories before the Audi (11).

If Ferrari does return to Le Mans in 2015, the LMP1 class will suddenly be teaming with worthy competitors for Audi, which has dominated the race since 2000. After Comments


56d2105817lm1.jpg 24 Hours of Le Mans an on and off love affair

There was little usual about this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans – intermittent rain in the weeks before the race meant cars didn’t get on track as much as they wanted, and intermittent rain during the race meant cars went off track a lot more than they wanted. The race started with a wet track, and one of the records broken because of the random downpours was the number of times the safety car led the field – 11 times this year – although the record of two hours and 53 minutes of lapping behind the safety car, set in 2011, was not eclipsed.

None of that served to dampen the action. With little more than an hour left in the race there were cars still only a few seconds apart fighting for position, leads still changing because of pit stops and everyone drafting anyone they could.

Things didn’t go the usual way up front, either – well, not exactly…



13749c0da8026 1.jpg Overnight action from the 24 Hours of Le Mans

We won’t go into a recap here, but there are still leading positions being fought for in all classes – it’s so close that leads are changing when a car goes into the pits. We’ll let the recap wait until the end of the race, so for now enjoy some shots from last night’s action at the Comments


07ffcbaec1ce day.jpg The pre race and first in race report from Le Mans

The 2013, 90th anniversary edition of the Aston Martin in the LM GTE Am class and its all-Danish drivers had taken pole in its class and was one of the favorites to win.

The pre-race report will come first, and even thought we can’t spoil the race because we’re only five hours into it at the time of writing, we’ll put all of the news at the end in case you don’t even want the updates.

Or you can go straight to the high-res galleries above.



646297b77975 628.jpg Le Mans raced 1953 Ferrari 340/375 MM headed to auction

Vintage Formula One world champions have driven this car in competition at events like the Spa 24 Hours, Pescara 12 Hours and the Circuit of Guadeloupe.

The coolest part for us? Umberto Maglioli managed to set a public road stage record with this machine during the Carrera Panamericana by averaging 138 miles per hour over 223 miles. The effort was good enough to land the team a sixth place finish overall, and the record still stands to this day for any road stage anywhere. The 340/375 MM Berlinetta Competizione is up for auction in restored condition at the RM Auction event in Paris this week. Check out the Comments


4c44d9c16e45comp.jpg Glickenhaus Ferrari P4/5 Competizione seen and heard testing at Imola

The Ferrari P4/5 Competizione. The machine was recently spotted getting a thorough thrashing around Imola, and YouTube user Marchettino was kind enough to grab a few clips of the terror in action.

Last we heard, Glickenhaus was considering using the machine for competition in the LMP1 class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2014. That ambition will require more than a few sponsors, and Glickenhaus has cautioned that nothing is set in stone as of yet. Even so, it’s encouraging to see the P4/5 Competizione hammering some tarmac.

The machine makes use of a 4.0-liter Ferrari-derived V8 engine good for around 500 horsepower, though a new Comments