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ebf935bceens 628.jpg Ferrari celebrates 10 million Facebook fans, animates Montezemolo

Ferrari, whose owners number just a lucky few, has a legion of fans counted in the millions. In fact, the Facebook page for the Italian automaker just surpassed 10 million Likes.

To celebrate this social media milestone, Ferrari has put together this cute little video Luca di Montezemolo, as well as a few other animated guest appearances.

For comparison’s sake, major corporations like Pepsi have 9.1 million fans, Kohl’s has 9.7 million fans, and Wal-Mart has 25+ million fans. For a car company that sells a few thousand units a year, 10+ million upstretched thumbs is quite the following.



FRIDAY!! Looks like Ferrari got a little tired with their California and want to update it or maybe even make a new one entirely. A new turbo boost app for your car gives new meaning to the term “there’s an app for that.”, and the new Audi Q2 crossover is coming! Plus, if you’re thinking of buying a car here in the US, but you’re Canadian, think again



Facebook: on.fb.me Twitter: twitter.com What a sighting! In a world’s first, I show you the prototype of a Ferrari California that could mean the return to Ferrari after 25 years (last one was the F40) to the use of the turbocharger on their cars! Don’t know if this still the V8 engine or something smaller, but it’s certain that under the bonnet takes place a turbo (or even a twin turbo), just listen to the lovely noise and the whistle while driving on track! Marchettino Facebook page: www.facebook.com Marchettino Twitter page: twitter.com



The F1 circus is leaving the Old World again, this time for Canada. Fernando Alonso talks about his expectations for the seventh race of the Championship and the upcoming European Football Championship Martin Brundle, ex-Formula 1 driver and one of the main experts of the sport, shares his experiences with us after a test session in a Ferrari F10 in the Fiorano track



After the GP in Barcelona the Scuderia Ferrari is getting ready for the race in Monaco, one of the most unpredictable and most fascinating of the Championship. Don’t miss the interviews with Ferrari’s technical director Pat Fry,and Diego Ioverno, Head of Operations and watch Giancarlo Fisichella presenting the world of F1 from the point of view of the Scuderia Ferrari’s women. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com and Twitter twitter.com Ferrari Since 1947 www.ferrari.com http