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65f2fb21d3gs 628.jpg Best speculative Ferrari Enzo successor rendering yet

While so many supposed the other renderings we’ve seen thus far, are lovely to behold.

Well, actually, “lovely” probably isn’t the perfect descriptor – anything less than a little bit brutal wouldn’t be a proper successor to the Enzo, nor would it fit the parameters laid out by the test mules we’ve seen so far. Accurate within the best of LaColla’s ability to guess and imagine is probably a better way of looking at these designs, which show a car that has enough venting to keep the bowls of Hell cool (should Hell ever hit the autostrada at 150+ miles per hour).

We’ve recapitulated the designer’s own words in press release form, Comments


029d0e505barming.jpg Watch this Ferrari Enzo get thrown around on farm roads

Tax the Rich, the YouTubers who seem to have sprung from some mischievous corner of the V for Vendetta universe, have somehow acquired a Ferrari they’d end up with a dead stallion and a field full of carbon fiber parts, they kept the action to a mostly paved farm access road.

But still – using an Enzo for a tarmac rally stage is something we would not have though of, and there’s a fair bit of water and mud, too. As Joseph Campanella used to say way back when, “What will they think of next?” Check out the video Comments


9df4921a03er 628.jpg Ferrari F150 Enzo successor is Geneva bound

Formula One car thanks in part to the fact that the road-going machine will feature as much downforce as an F1 competitor. From what we’ve heard so far, the Enzo replacement will boast over 800 horsepower from the combination of a V12 engine and a HY-KERS system.

We’ve already heard some Comments


9df4921a03er 628.jpg Ferrari F150 Enzo successor is Geneva bound UPDATE

Formula One car thanks in part to the fact that the road-going machine will feature as much downforce as an F1 competitor. From what we’ve heard so far, the Enzo replacement will boast over 800 horsepower from the combination of a V12 engine and a HY-KERS system.

We’ve already heard some interesting tidbits about the new machine, including the fact that each model will come with a driver’s seat tailor made for the buyer. Ferrari says we can also expect to see a quicker 0-120 mph sprint than the old Enzo with 40 percent fewer emissions. Stay tuned for live photos from the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

UPDATE: After some looking into it, Ferrari does not appear to have an official Instagram account, or at least doesn’t list one alongside its other official social accounts. We’re of the mind now that what appeared on this Instragram is not officially from the Horse’s mouth.



b20215372besting.jpg Ferrari F150 Enzo successor takes some loud laps at Fiorano

From recent Ferrari Enzo will be, but now we’ve finally gotten to see some video of the car testing at the Fiorano Circuit in Italy. This video not only gives us an earful of the car’s screaming engine and rumbling exhaust note, it also affords us a view of the car without its fish-face camouflage that it has been caught wearing recently.

The video shows the new supercar testing around the 12-turn, 1.877-mile track with an Enzo, and it is interesting to hear the differences between the 651-horsepower Enzo and its reportedly 950-hp hybrid successor. Comments


1720e1eabcgt 628.jpg eBay Find of the Day: Your choice of new, unregistered mid 2000s supercars

2005 Porsche Carrera GT. The car has never been titled and has just 83 miles on the odometer. With one owner since new, the Carrera GT is likely to be as nice an example as you’re likely to find outside of a museum. Porsche only built 340 of these machines back in 2005, and with a 610 horsepower V10 kicking at your spine, you can lap Santa’s sleigh next year. Currently, the Carrera GT has a buy it now price of $457,325 with around six days left on the auction.

Not flashy enough for your tastes? Stroll on down to West Hollywood and you’ll find a similarly untitled Comments


4dd95d1ff3stease.jpg Ferrari teases more specs on its Enzo successor

On its web site, 458 Italia.”

Rory Byrne, the Ferrari F1 designer that’s been involved in 11 world championships for the team, has spent three years contributing to chassis development. That chassis will be laid up by hand in the company’s F1 composites department, each chassis composed of different kinds of carbon fiber and cured in an autoclave, F1 monocoque-style. That’s part of where the lighter weight and vastly heightened torsional and beam rigidity versus the Enzo comes from. Just behind the tub – and behind the driver’s back – will be the batteries and fuel tank, again, just as on an F1 car.

The cockpit will be personalized to the driver in a way that is rare among road cars, with each seat made-to-measure for the driver and then set in a fixed position in the cabin. The steering wheel and pedal box will move to accommodate pilots. What’s more, we’re told that “the occupant’s feet are at the same level as the driving position.” That, and the angle of the seatback, will provide “an extraordinarily racy feeling.”

An evolution of the 740-horsepower, 6.3-litre V12 currently found in the F12 Berlinetta will work with the latest HY-KERS and a double-clutch transmission. Ferrari says the powertrain makes the car quicker from 0-to-120 miles per hour, reduces emissions by 40 percent, and improves features like torque vectoring and brake force distribution.

Still no word on what it will be called, but specs like these, by any name, would be just as sweet.



76b250e35350 628.jpg Ferrari officially teases successor to Enzo throne

You’re looking at our best view yet of the upcoming successor to the Formula One to create the new model. According to the manufacturer’s official online magazine, the new ultracar will boast a carbon fiber monocoque chassis built in “an almost handmade style” using four types of the composite. We aren’t sure exactly what that means, but the design should keep weight to a minimum.

Power should come courtesy of an 800 horsepower V12 engine married to a Comments


ccd16799aaanello.jpg Ferrari F70 spotted in heavy camo around Maranello

Contrary to the hopes of everyone attending the 2013 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

The Geneva timeline makes more sense, seeing the amount and kind of camo the car is still wearing on roads around Maranello, as seen here caught by a man-on-the-street. Copious amounts of hard plastic cladding, the faux-shovel snout and miles of gaffer tape hide the body from view. If Detroit were a go, then we’d expect to see the hybrid supercar out somewhere with saw the car wearing in June, when it looked a lot more spiffy.

Or maybe not – Comments