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The apparently isn’t happy that the California is considered the ‘not-really-a-Ferrari’ within the range, despite having set out to explicitly create a more accessible car to court new customers.

According to C/D, this means an entirely new body is on the way, designed by the in-house team with the assistance of . It will supposedly return to Ferrari’s front-engined GT roots, taking inspiration from the 250 GTO, with a much cleaner line from front to rear, and slimming down the Sir Mix-A-Lot rear end while maintaining a folding metal roof.

The redesign will continue underneath, with the new convertible getting a turbocharged V8 – Car and Driver says that’s the “unmistakable sound” from the California mule lapping Fiorano recently. The engine is expected to surpass the 500 horsepower mark on its own, but wait, there’s more: it will be fitted with “an F1-inspired KERS-like” package that could add another 100 horses and propel the droptop from 0-to-60 in no more than 3.5 seconds.

On paper, this details read like a wishlist for true Ferrari fans, and it is such a move away from the current car that the name could be changed. If the rebooted cabrio puts them together properly, then the next California – or whatever it is called – might finally be invited to join its siblings at the adult table.


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turbocharged three cylinder. The award was handed out at the Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Germany. This is Ford’s first outright victory from the panel, which consists of journalists from around the globe.

This is the second year in a row that the Engine of the Year jury has chosen a small-displacement mill for top honors, . Of the emerging trend, Dean Slavnich, editor of Engine Technology International and co-chairman of the International Engine of the Year Awards, says:

“That the small capacity engines continue to impress the most in overall terms, even against the larger, higher performance engines, says a great deal about how the automotive industry has developed in recent years.”


If your interests veer more to the performance side of the industry, you’ll be interested to note that


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A report in Car And Driver decrees that the final design for the successor to the and Ferrari’s in-house studio led by Flavio Manzoni, the F70 is the sole creation of the in-house team.

The designs that CD calls on to describe the F70’s so-called “three-arc” body are the its take on the F70, and while it’s pretty ornate in a Speed Racer way it’s also pretty bleeping cool.

Within those forms are said to be active and passive aerodynamic aids, and complex airflow venting that begins as early as the headlight surrounds and that is being called “revolutionary” by Ferrari designers. Underneath, and no less revolutionary, will be a carbon fiber chassis that keeps weight down to roughly 2,650 pounds and a


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Bloomberg reports that a back in 2010.

The 250 GT0 in question is chassis number 3505GT and was built specifically for the legendary Stirling Moss. While Moss never actually ended up racing the car (a career-ending crash in April of 1962 prevented him from getting behind the wheel), it has a fairly significant race history with several wins. 3505GT also competed in the 1962 24 Hours of Le Mans, although it ended the race with a DNF. The car stands out among the other 250 GTOs thanks to its unique lime-green livery.

Amazingly, the price of this particular car has increased tenfold since 1996, when it was purchased for $3.5 million. From there the car has changed hands a few times, with the most recent owner, a Dutch businessman, purchasing it for $8.5 million about a decade ago. The 250 GTO’s newest owner, car collector Craig McCaw, earned his fortune by selling a telecommunications company to AT&T for $11.5 billion back in 1993.

We most recently saw the car at the


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Italy is unfortunately no stranger to earthquakes, thus neither is the exotic automaker and racing team whose logo bears the country’s flag. When disaster struck in Abruzzo, to raise funds for its relief, and has been contributing to rebuilding the stricken region ever since. When the tsunami hit in Japan, Ferrari contributed millions to its aid. Now another earthquake has hit Italy – in the same part of the country that hosts Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello. The company immediately halted operations to let its employees be with their families, and is now preparing for an online auction to raise funds for relief efforts in the region.

The auction will be hosted at


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weekend in Monterey, California.

Headlining the Canadian specialist auctioneer’s catalog for the August event are the rare 1955 Teardrop Coupe pictured together above.

Considered by some to be one of the world’s most desirable Ferrari classic road car, this particular 410 Sport Berlinetta is the second of just four built and the only fixed-roof coupe. Chassis 0594 CM features bodywork by Scaglietti in ivory with blue leather. It will be making its first appearance both in North America and at auction, having only traded hands a few times between private European collectors until now.

The Talbot, meanwhile, is one of only five of its kind built (of four remaining) and the only such coupe built upon a four-seat chassis. The winner of several concours, this particular example of French art deco in motion is expected to fetch $2.5 to $3.2 million.


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2bcc429f7658 628.jpg Ferrari recalling 200 cars worldwide

Ferrari is recalling certain 458 Italia and California models around the world due to a problem with the crankshaft. Roughly 13,000 examples of these cars are currently roaming the streets, and 206 are affected by this problem.

According to Autocar, the recall has been issued due to an incorrect finish on the vehicles’ crankshafts. The British magazine states that the problem “causes unwanted vibrations which can damage the engine if it is not changed.”

“We are writing to all clients affected now, asking them to return the car to a dealer for the work to be done,” a Ferrari spokesperson told Autocar.

In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has yet to issue a formal recall notice about the affected vehicles.

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ce8905429curnout.jpg Ferrari dealership in trouble for burning rubber on the Great Wall of China

Ferrari is not an outfit that would miss out on the enormous opportunity presented by the Chinese market. Having won the grand prix there three times out of the first four it was held, the Prancing Horse marque launched a special-edition 599 there in 2009, followed by an even more exclusive porcelain-finish one-off.

For 2012, Ferrari created a special-edition 458 Italia to mark the year of the dragon, and to launch it, the local dealership in Nanjing rented out a section of the Great Wall. It’s what they did with it, however, that has local authorities seeing red in more ways than one.

Apparently at some point during or after the demonstration, an employee of the dealership got behind the wheel of the limited-edition V8 supercar and pulled some smokey donuts. The problem is that the stunt left tire marks burnt into the ancient surface, leaving authorities understandably upset. What repercussions will ensue remains to be seen, but we certainly wouldn’t want to be ticking off China’s notoriously strict government.

Scroll down below for the video report.

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