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The apparently isn’t happy that the California is considered the ‘not-really-a-Ferrari’ within the range, despite having set out to explicitly create a more accessible car to court new customers.

According to C/D, this means an entirely new body is on the way, designed by the in-house team with the assistance of . It will supposedly return to Ferrari’s front-engined GT roots, taking inspiration from the 250 GTO, with a much cleaner line from front to rear, and slimming down the Sir Mix-A-Lot rear end while maintaining a folding metal roof.

The redesign will continue underneath, with the new convertible getting a turbocharged V8 – Car and Driver says that’s the “unmistakable sound” from the California mule lapping Fiorano recently. The engine is expected to surpass the 500 horsepower mark on its own, but wait, there’s more: it will be fitted with “an F1-inspired KERS-like” package that could add another 100 horses and propel the droptop from 0-to-60 in no more than 3.5 seconds.

On paper, this details read like a wishlist for true Ferrari fans, and it is such a move away from the current car that the name could be changed. If the rebooted cabrio puts them together properly, then the next California – or whatever it is called – might finally be invited to join its siblings at the adult table.


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A report in Car And Driver decrees that the final design for the successor to the and Ferrari’s in-house studio led by Flavio Manzoni, the F70 is the sole creation of the in-house team.

The designs that CD calls on to describe the F70’s so-called “three-arc” body are the its take on the F70, and while it’s pretty ornate in a Speed Racer way it’s also pretty bleeping cool.

Within those forms are said to be active and passive aerodynamic aids, and complex airflow venting that begins as early as the headlight surrounds and that is being called “revolutionary” by Ferrari designers. Underneath, and no less revolutionary, will be a carbon fiber chassis that keeps weight down to roughly 2,650 pounds and a


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It’s been a while since used turbochargers, but we would think long and hard before dismissing the spools as uncharacteristic of the marque. After all, the iconic and important F40 was turbocharged, as was the 288 GTO that preceeded it. But those were made decades ago. Could Ferrari be going back to forced induction?

If this spy video is anything to go by, we’d say almost definitely so. The footage shot at the company’s private Fiorano test track in Maranello shows a test mule lapping the circuit, but the sound is what gives it away: the prototype is emitting a pronounced turbo whine.

Of course, Ferrari engineers could be using the California to test out the turbocharged engines it is


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There’s a reason mankind began measuring work in . The driver came upon a horseriding club in stop-and-go traffic and commenced blowing his horn. Alarmed at the commotion, one horse did what horses do best and gave the Italian supercar a swift kick in the front fender.

Surprisingly enough, the


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Italy is unfortunately no stranger to earthquakes, thus neither is the exotic automaker and racing team whose logo bears the country’s flag. When disaster struck in Abruzzo, to raise funds for its relief, and has been contributing to rebuilding the stricken region ever since. When the tsunami hit in Japan, Ferrari contributed millions to its aid. Now another earthquake has hit Italy – in the same part of the country that hosts Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello. The company immediately halted operations to let its employees be with their families, and is now preparing for an online auction to raise funds for relief efforts in the region.

The auction will be hosted at


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Surely the most important of the classic is the 250 series. Over its decade of production, the 250 series gave us some of the most recognizable models of the marque’s history, including the GTO, the Testa Rossa, the Lusso and the original California Spyder.

This year Ferrari is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the series that was built around Giachino Colombo’s enduring 3.0-liter V12. To mark the occasion, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello is displaying two unique and important 250s from its historical archives. One is the 250 GT SWB Berlinetta that Stirling Moss drove to victory at four races in 1961. The second is the so-called Breadvan, which was commissioned by Count Volpi di Musurata and developed by Piero Drogo and Giotto Bizzarrini. It was one of the original shooting brakes and provided the inspiration for the new .

The two are already on display in the museum for any visitor to see, but if your travel plans aren’t sending you to Maranello anytime soon, you can still check them out in the photo gallery above and the press release below.


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Say what you want about the German-based tuner on its snout.

Mansory says that the new body panels, all of which are constructed of lightweight carbon fiber, save a little over 130 pounds, and with power boosted to 590 horsepower the car is capable of hitting 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour) in 3.2 seconds and reaching a top speed of 205 mph. The interior of the 458 Spider Monaco Edition gets the Mansory treatment as well, with custom upholstery done in leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber in a combination of red and white.

Mansory says it will produce just three of the Monaco Edition Ferrari 458 Spiders. No word on pricing, although we can’t imagine the changes come cheap.


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A Rare Mid-life Updo Comes To The Starter Ferrari

28f689a13ffd opt.jpg 2013 Ferrari California w/video

Every time I travel to Maranello for a test drive, the three hours or so prior to turning the red key are driven in a U.S. Interstate-style straight line along Italy’s A1 autostrada in my 99-horsepower 2001 Opel Astra station wagon with five-speed manual. It’s just about the perfect antithetical setup for the unleashing of the hounds that awaits just over the hills south of Ferrari HQ.

This trip over was for the midlife upgrade of the Ferrari California for our 2013 model year, a car that promises to weigh less, deliver more horsepower and torque, and go quicker.

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