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Facebook: on.fb.me Twitter: www.twitter.com Car Blog: www.shmee150.co.uk My Vlogs bit.ly —————————————— INFO BELOW! —————————————— Camera: Sony CX700 amzn.to Location: London Music: Nothing Like Captain Crunch by Broke For Free bit.ly Silverstone circuit today held an attempt to break the Guinness World Record number for “The Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars”. The previous target stood at 490 and this has been beaten today by a new confirmed Guinness World Record of 964 Ferrari cars! Ferrari Formula 1 driver, Felipe Massa took the wheel of a new 458 Spider to commence the proceedings before a trail of almost 1000 cars from Maranello took to the tarmac of the world famous Grand Prix circuit. Followed by a number of F40s, Enzos, and just about every other car produced by Ferrari it made for quite a sight as they just continued to roll on and on and on…! Not that I’m complaining



f0a9ef8f86telvio.jpg C/D flogs Ferrari 458 Italia Spider on Stelvio Pass

Seems that Jethro Bovington, 458 Spider for a spin up and down Italy’s 180-year-old Stelvio Pass.

The combination Bovington set out to examine was perhaps the world’s best mid-engined convertible supercar on perhaps the world’s greatest driving road. Giving the grunt is a 4.5-liter V8 with 562 horsepower, and while there’s a mere 110-pound penalty over the coupe, the open-air reverberations of that exhaust are indeed worth it, especially set to the scene of 60 hairpin turns and long, narrow straights over 9,045 feet of elevation and every kind of weather. So yeah: nobody loses. Comments


yd222 went to Spa-Francorchamps for the Ferrari Corse Clienti 2012! We recorded some nice 599XX Evo’s, 599XX, FXX and some former Ferrari Formula 1 cars. In this video, you can see the F1 Corse Clienti going around the track coming from the Bus Stop chicane heading towards La Source. SUBSCRIBE for more exclusive car videos ! – www.youtube.com Like our Facebook page – www.facebook.com More pictues at www.facebook.com !



Facebook: on.fb.me Twitter: twitter.com I have filmed a red Ferrari 458 Spider, it does a full throttle acceleration on track, followed by a start up and rev in the parking lot, then it drives away and raises the top. Technical data – Ferrari 458 Spider Engine – 4.5L V8 with 570hp / 540nm Performance – 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) acceleration in 3.5s, top speed 320km/h (198mph) Curb weight – 1485kg Marchettino Facebook page: www.facebook.com Marchettino Twitter page: twitter.com



Facebook: on.fb.me Twitter: www.twitter.com Car Blog: www.shmee150.co.uk My Vlogs bit.ly —————————————— INFO BELOW! —————————————— This is the new Ferrari SP12, a Special Project creation built for Eric Clapton for a cost of £3m over a period of 2 years. The car is based on the framework and engine of the Ferrari 458 Italia but features numerous design changes to tweak it back to an appearance of Ferraris of old including the 512 Boxer and the headlights from the Enzo. The car had originally planned to be a 12 cyclinder version but clearly this was too much to ask and as such it seems to run the V8 and controls of the normal car



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